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Last modified: April 22, 2013

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Dear Friends:


It is hard to believe that a year has come and gone since I last brought you greetings form the Northern Tier Children’s Home.  As I began to reflect on all that has taken place this past year, I realize how busy and exciting of a time it has been.  The changes that have taken place at the Children’s Home over the past twelve months will truly help to “Brighten Our Future”.  Our main goal for this next year is to continue in the pursuit of a program that will occupy our Gehman Hall Dorm.  


Our major repair project for this past year was the replacement of our Gehman Hall dormitory roof.  This single story building covers over 13,600 square feet.  We reported to you last year that we felt this replacement project could cost as much as $40,000.  This capital expenditure was completed in July with a total cost of $48,080.  Your charitable response to our 2011 news letter indeed helped to make the culmination of this project possible.

We are currently in the process of making a few changes within our Kear Building.  Program growth issues have made it necessary to remove a wall in order to expand the size of a room.  Your donations allow us to continually make needed repairs and changes to both buildings and grounds, keep equipment maintained, clean and pay utilities.

Your faithful contributions also make our Scholarship Program possible.  It is very rewarding to receive those heartfelt thank you letters from our scholarship recipients.  One of the students expressed to me how grateful she was that her scholarship check arrived just in time for her to purchase the books necessary for her next semester.            

I personally want to thank you for being there for us year after year.   Please know that from the smallest to the largest donation your steadfast contributions never go unnoticed.  May this coming year bring you multiplied blessings.



                            Fern P. Burdick, Administrator